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Speaking in film

As long as I see something beautiful in an idea - whether it be emotional, captivating, evocative, humorous, or even just good fun - I believe I can express that feeling through film.

Having spent years writing and editing, I feel at home with visual storytelling.

Something from nothing

I am told that I have a distinct style - but this is a not a conscious decision on my behalf. I start very open and let the written material dictate my style accordingly.

I try to inspire an audience to see the world through my intrigued and captivated eye.


The poetry/dance of an edit. The beauty of composition. Attention grabbing and hypnotic sounds. Human interaction with every area of the world around us and the products we use - however great or seemingly insignificant.

Having been brought up in a family that loved Theatre and Film, I am well versed in international cultures - whether it be cutting-edge, archive or traditional.

Two years spent travelling, five studying History, Social Anthropology and Film, and a varied and interesting life have given me a widespread appreciation of the world.


I'm always looking for material that I connect with and give an interesting fresh take on.


I love people, so I love working as part of a team - and have no problem being creative within limited parameters. I realise that this is a business as well as an art.